Prom Night Transportation San Diego

Prom Night Transportation San DiegoProm Night is a very special evening for San Diego’s High School Seniors, and you can bet that every limo in town will be booked on that night.

With that in mind, our San Diego limo service would like to offer both parents and teens a bit of helpful information in your quest for a safe and fun filled evening should you decide to “Go In Style” as we say here at TopCat Limousine and rent a limo for Prom Night! Turn to our Prom Night Transportation in San Diego!

What can you expect to spend when you hire a limousine on Prom Night?

Prices vary with each company, so you may want to shop a few local companies before you commit. Some companies raise their rates, while others stay the same and require a minimum service, usually in the neighborhood of six hours. Price also varies with the passenger size of limousine you rent, and many teens go in a group to share in the cost. For rates for stretch limousines, stretch SUV's, Hummer Limos in San Diego go to our rates page in the menu above. We have the Ford SUV Excursion Limousines, which hold fourteen comfortably for that extra large party! See rates.

TopCat Limo has a seven-hour minimum on Prom Night, but the rates are the same throughout the year, and not increased for special occasions. A down payment for ½ of the cost of service is due two weeks prior to Prom Night. For detailed price information, please go to our rates chart at: Rates!

How soon should you reserve a limousine for Proms?

After you’ve done some quick research, book that limousine ASAP; otherwise you’ll be riding with Mom and Pop! (no offense).

Prom Night is the busiest night in the limousine industry and when that special evening arrives, every limousine in San Diego County will be on the road, guaranteed. For every limo we reserve, literally hundreds of customers are turned away because we are usually booked up weeks in advance for proms.

Safety and Quality are important to both parents and teens.

Parents of prom-goers want peace of mind. Make sure the limo company you hire is associated with safety programs such as the National Safety Alliance which requires it’s drivers to be drug tested on a regular basis, the Better Business Bureau for accountability within the community, and the Public Utilities Commission which set industry standards for the safe operation for all limousine services. requires its drivers to carry a Class B (passenger endorsed) driver’s license that qualifies them to operate even the largest vehicles used for public transportation. On arrival, parents and teens are asked to sign a “Minors and Alcoholic Beverages Statement” – the Leslie Bill, required by California State Law, in which both the student and limousine service promise a drug and alcohol free evening.

If possible go to the limousine provider and check out your vehicle beforehand, to assure that the limo your are reserving is the one that shows up on prom night, to avoid a poor quality vehicle unforeseen at your door on that special evening. Young people are interested in the bells and whistles in the limousine, but parents should take time to make sure that the company they hire, has a clean record and safe vehicles so that everyone can both relax and enjoy on the evening of the prom.

For many teens, Prom Night is the pinnacle of their high school experience. Many teens commemorate the occasion by dressing up in a tux or a gown, to be whisked away in a chauffeur driven limousine. Limousine in San Diego, has been serving San Diego for since 1985. We offer a full fleet of the latest model stretch Lincoln limousines at affordable rates. has been awarded numerous awards in San Diego County wide polls taken, where San Diegan’s have chosen TopCat Limo as their number one choice for limousine service. See our awards page at: Awards

So celebrate Prom Night in style with San Diego’s choice for limousine service, and call TopCat Limousine today!

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