Baja Mexico Tours

Baja Mexico a limousine service in San Diego is now offering Baja Mexico Tours to Puerto Nuevo Lobster Luncheons, Tijuana Shopping, Airport Transfers and more! Take a leisurely tour in a luxury limousine along the golden coast of Mexico and stop in a quaint little town, Puerto Nuevo, that serves the best Lobster on the Pacific Coast.

Please contact us for details at for Mexico Tours and Limo Specials.

Lobster Luncheon in Puerto Nuevo

Take a leisurely tour in a luxury limousine along the golden coast of Mexico and stop in a quaint little town, Puerto Nuevo, that serves the best Lobster on the Pacific Coast.

Ensenada VIP Sports Fishing Tours

We offer one day fishing trips to Todos Santos Island in Ensenada or an amazing 2.5 day all inclusive VIP package (S.A.F.E II "Pescado y Vino"), which includes, hotel, one day of sports fishing and one day of wine tasting at the world famous, Valle de Guadalupe wine valley in Ensenada, staying at the beautiful Hotel Coral and Marina in Ensenada. Enjoy yourself like Royalty, you will have your private chauffer the entire vacation to take you shopping, sightseeing or anything you desire. We'll pick you up in San Diego, Tijuana or at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

Shopping in Rosarito Beach

Travel in luxury and safety as you and your guest head for Rosarito first for furniture and home furnishings and then for crafts and art that is native to this quaint little village. Much of the wrought-iron dining sets and hand-carved, hand-painted wood cabinets, pottery, chests and chairs are made locally.

Ensenada Wine Tour Extravaganza

Let a professional chauffeur, who knows the Mexico Wine Country, guide you through the fun and fascinating world of the Baja Mexico Wine Tours, including L.A. Cetto Winery, the most established and largest winery in Mexico!

Festival Plaza - 2 Night Getaway 4 guests and 2 nights - Call us for special pricing!

TopCat Limousine will chauffeur 4 guests to the fun and excitingFestival Plaza Hotel in Rosarito Beach. This wonderful package includes 2 nights stay and traditional Mexican breakfast each morning in this wonderful Festival Plaza Hotel. Available Sunday through Thursday, so book early!

Sightseeing Tour From Tijuana to Rosarito and Everywhere in Between - Call us for special pricing!

Avoid boarder hassles as well as traffic and directions as you cruise the beautiful Mexican Coast Line and visit quaint villas along the way.

Romantic Rosarito Getaway – One Night Call us for special pricing!

This wonderful evening includes luxury limousine transportation that brings you to one of Rosarito's finest hotels, The Grand Baja Resort. Upon arrival you will enjoy Puerto Nuevo's famous lobster dinner for two, a deluxe suite overnight, then awake to a Mexican style breakfast and more! Call for more details. for the Latest News in Baja Mexico!

Traveling to Baja Mexico with TopCat Limousine is sure to be a fun and exciting adventure for all. To find out what's happening with our friends down south, log onto this wonderful site, filled with information about all the latest and greatest goings on! Since its sleepy inception, Rosarito has grown tremendously, and together with Tijuana it currently constitutes the fastest-growing region in the country. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit each year, enjoying the beautiful beaches, great weather, and many getting their first taste of Mexico here. In spite of all the activity, you can still sense the small town roots, with cowboys regularly riding their horses downtown.

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